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<Vornicus> Hm.  Naming question.
<Vornicus> Consider, for instance, Magic the Gathering.  You've got a bunch of cards, and they all have state - they're in play, or in your hand, or whatever.  But then they have, in addition to this, state and behavior unique to the kind of card they are.  So an individual card keeps a reference to that.
<Vornicus> I need to name two things: 1. a "kind of card", like, say, "Shivan Dragon" (as opposed to "Creature - Dragon"), and 2. a specific card, like, "the Shivan Dragon that's in my hand"
<Vornicus> If it were cars, I'd have "Toyota Corolla" and "Ford Focus" as members of one class, and "The Toyota Corolla with VIN#1234567890" as a member of another class, that references the members of the first.
<Doctor_Nick> i just made a reservation for a rental car :p
<gnolam> Does it come with air conditioning and Trample?
<Chalain>  My SUV comes with Trample. And Rage: 2
<gnolam> Chalain: yeah, but you need to tap a Middle-Eastern Country for its upkeep.
* gnolam hides.
<Chalain> Cumulative Upkeep: 2 MEC
<Vornicus> So, uh
<Vornicus> After about four turns you can't keep it up any more?
<Chalain> Preeetty much.
<Chalain> It wouldn't be like that, but with the Iraq War Machine artifact in play, all OPEC-related upkeeps are doubled and cumulative.