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#12 (+|-) (Rated: -52)
<Attilla> Yay. Abandoned uranium mine.
<Attilla> Some of it went off the scale (of 500 counts/sec)
<gnohate> Been on a field trip? :)
<Attilla> Yep!
<gnohate> Trying out toys? :)
<Attilla> Maaaybe
<Demonius> i'd say thats only rem-otely interesting
* Attilla throws Demonius down the mineshaft.
<Demonius> ok, it wasnt that good.
<gnohate> But not that bad either. I'd say it's in a Gray area.
<UndeadAnno> >_<
<gnohate> (See! Now /that/ joke was totally rad!)
<UndeadAnno> >_<
<Attilla> Becq! Becq with the terrible puns!