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<Kizor> Well, the summer job was interesting. New things came up every day. For instance, it turns out that gastrologists tattoo their patients' intestines.
<Kizor> Many organs have an intricate layout (the heart's organic pacemaker is ingenious) but others have a serious lack of landmarks.
<gnolam> Do they tattoo them with "Here be dragons"?
<Kizor> They probably will now.
<Tora-Chan> bwahaha
<Kizor> Apparently surgical outcomes improve if doctors go for a stroll first and mark their way with equivalents of "carcinoma's outer edge @ 10/09/09" or "cut along the dotted line".
<Tora-Chan> "I made a booboo here, please fix it."
<Kizor> "Kilroy was here"
<Tora-Chan> rofl
<Tora-Chan> "I dropped my ring somewhere in here..."
<Kizor> "If you lived here, you'd be home by now."
* Tora-Chan snrks
<Tora-Chan> "When you reach this point, call the proctologist."
<Kizor> "If you can read this, you don't need glasses."
<Tora-Chan> pfft
<Tora-Chan> "MEDIC!"
<Tora-Chan> "555-555-5555 for a good time"
<Kizor> "Help I'm trapped in a..."
<Kizor> ...
<Kizor> "...colonoscope?"
<Tora-Chan> "Anyone got a light?"
<gnolam> "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here"