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<Derakon> Would it be a problem to have a cutting board that's held off the countertop by two runners?
<McMartin> Derakon: That sounds like my drying rack
<McMartin> I'm kind of used to my tools having short legs, and a pair of runners can be to legs what treads are to wheels, right?
<McMartin> Am I visualizing this right?
<Derakon> Yeah.
* gnolam 's brain shuts down at the first visualization of McMartin's drying rack.
<Derakon> The Luggage?
<McMartin> gnolam: A "drying rack" is a grid of metal one hangs dishes on so that they may finish drying via evaporation.
<McMartin> It is not a pair of wet tits getting cold in the winter air.
<McMartin> I guess it's more 'balances dishes within', not 'hangs dishes on'
<gnolam> McMartin: guess which one my treacherous, overly-visual brain imagined :P
<McMartin> That was really for highlighting your depravity for the rest of the channel, which was clearly going down a different, sillier path.
<gnolam> So... yees, still imagining McMartin with breasts glistening in the morning dew.