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#41 (+|-) (Rated: -49)
<JustBob> Speaking of which, is there a version of Godwin's Law that applies to terms like socialist-liberal?
<JimStarluck> If there isn't, there should be.
<Half> We could make one and call it Bob's Law.
<Half> It would serve a useful purpose.
<Slave> Gandhi's Law? Soap-dodging Pinko Leftist Bleeding-Hearted Commie's Law?
<gnolam> Fox's Law.
<Half> Hey, I'm a Pinko Leftist Bleeding Heart Commie but I'm hardly soap-dodging.
<Slave> Depending what you launch the soap with, at high velocities it's almost impossible to dodge.
<Half> How about one of those trebutchets that'll launch a 58 Buick?
<Slave> Maybe a scoped soap crossbow. At least then you know you'll always get a clean shot.
<Half> ARGH.
-*- Half takes 1d4 Bad Pun Damage
<TheDagda> Ah, SLAVE
-*- Tora-Chan[ow] sniggers
<TheDagda> I see the assassins have failed.
<Slave> Indeed, I live again. And have my bar of soap.
<Slave> It seems the lye is a cake.
<TheDagda> Indeed
-*- JustBob sighs. Administers ritual tasings upon Slave, on principle.
<TheDagda> I should have known you'd be difficult to...scrub out
<Slave> I'm never one to rest on my laureths.
-*- gnolam snickers.
<Slave> Of course, firing soap at groin level is a good way to deter gents.
<Tora-Chan[ow]> pff
<Half> Do I have to keep rolling for Bad Pun Damage?
<TheDagda> yes
<Tora-Chan[ow]> yes, and yes
<Slave> (Although the damage is purely cosmetic)
<Tora-Chan[ow]> no, the damage goes right to your SAN
<gnolam> It's a slippery slope, making puns like that.
<Tora-Chan[ow]> it may be unSANitary
<Slave> I'd like to just wash my hands of the whole business and start fresh.
<JustBob> I'd support a clean start for you, Slave, but no amount of washing can get rid of that pun-stench.
<-- Slave has quit ([NS] Quit: Nightstar's Java Chat
<Loweko> There goes a uniquely deranged mind.
<Loweko> He missed his vocation. He'd have been such a perfect 20s East End music hall artiste.