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-*- Loweko is back from hospital! His reaction to the painkillers appears to be mania, but has been advised this will not last the week. Also. abdomen held together largely with tape.
<SouthernMyst> Yikes, welcome back!
<SouthernMyst> Whatever happened?
<TheWatcher> Egads, I hope you recover soon. :/
<froztbyte> well enough to IRC? well enough for life!
<froztbyte> and yeah, ouch! whatchado, Loweko?
<Mahmoth> This sounds like an Exciting Adventure in Pain.
<Loweko> My appendix decided it wanted a new career as a medical specimen.
<TheWatcher> :( Wee bugger.
<Mahmoth> Ow.
<froztbyte> ah yes, that'd do it
<TheWatcher> Hopefully they got it out of you sharpish, though.
<Loweko> Oh yes.
<Loweko> Only real highlights are (a) the potential disruption this does to my accepting a very tasty job offer, which is a pain and a half and (b) surviving a night on a surgery ward with a man whose snores sounded /exactly/ like the soundeffects for surface ships breaking up in Das Boot.
<Loweko> I told myself not to mock him or hate him, as I could not see his bed and he might have had a serious respiratory problem.
<Loweko> Then the punchline came at dawn, when the nurses woke him up. He squealed and clung to one (revealing himself to be a small, overweight, elderly Pakistani man with no visible symptoms) and said he'd had bad dreams.
<TheWatcher> ...
<Loweko> "Yes" I said to the ceiling. "You were torpedoed off Jutland and set alight."