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<Loweko> English needs a word for "I am happy for your general circumstances but concerned for your specific ones".
<Loweko> Or to be more precise, "I am glad [unfortunately unemployed old friend] has found a job, but somewhat alarmed to learn it is 100%-commission door-to-door sales."
<Half> Can we borrow it from German?
<Half> They probably already have one.
<Loweko> Do they have one?
<Half> Loweko: Well, they have "schadenfreude" so probably?
<Loweko> I always imagine some crack team of German word-smiths, immediately setting to work forging a new and mighty phoneme mix every time a new concept is brought to them.
<Mahal> :D
<Quasispace> They work deep within the mountains. And only respond to carrier pigeon
<Loweko> There's a hotline from Berlin.
<Loweko> *phone rings*
<Loweko> "What's that? The feeling of suddenly discovering an unexpected flock of mountain goats in one's garage? HANS, PREPARE THE WELDING TORCHES!"