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<gnolam> ... DAMN YOU, GERMANY
<gnolam> They're selling really cheap banjos. I don't know if I have the willpower to resist buying one.
<Mahmoth> Buy many banjos, stockpile them until there's a shortage, profit.
<gnolam> Put our currency on the banjo standard!
<Mahmoth> Historically, banjos have been an excellent means of exchange and are much less easy to falsify than the pitiful fiat currency we use at present.
<McMartin> In uncertain economic times, banjos are the only reliable store of value
<Vornicus> what the
<Mahmoth> Vorn!  Would you like to convert your worthless lesser musical instruments to banjos for a Small Fee?
<Vornicus> ...but I've already got a banjo.
<McMartin> Only one