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<Kizor> FFS, Action Philosophers, the first-to-fifth Roman deity Mithras was born from a rock. Way to overstate Joseph Campbell's case.
<Kizor> And shares a feast day with Christianity because Christianity very visibly and vocally parked over it.
<wraith> ?
<wraith> As they -do-.
* gnolam is now known as Mithras
<Mithras> Was I born from a rock... or was I born /to/ rock?
<Mithras> *GUITAR SOLO*
* Mithras is now known as gnolam
<Kizor> You know, that's a really good point.
<Half> .....
<Kizor> Everyone talks about killing Hitler or giving AK-47s to the CSA, but I think history has missed a golden opportunity that we should rectify by giving guitars to the Romans.