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#61 (Rated: -23)
<gnolam> Bawt, does a dog have Buddha nature or not?
<Bawt> *flips a coin*
<Bawt> gnolam: not
<gnolam> I see.
<gnolam> Bawt, what is the sound of one hand clapping?
<Bawt> a processor
<gnolam> Bawt, what is the Dharma that has never been preached to the people?
<Bawt> Rainbows.
<gnolam> Thank you, oh wise one.
<gnolam> Bawt, in the Three Worlds, there is not one thing. Where should one seek the mind?
<Bawt> fuck your riddles, you gigantic mystic arsehole!
<gnolam> Ha ha ha
<gnolam> I think Bawt just won at Zen.