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* duckwife ( has joined #Nightstar_Bar
<duckwife> I'm drunk
<duckwife> I don't think this is a very good place to get drunk!
<duckwife> No one here is home or drunk
<duckwife> You all suck
* Emmy isn't home, isn't drunk, but wishes to be both?
<duckwife> I'm downloading swap.avi
<duckwife> scat goes good with beer
<Emmy> ...ehh
<duckwife> I like watching women puke up shit into eachothers mouths after eating each others ass
<Emmy> personally i prefer more 'conventional' porn with my beer, thank you >.>
<duckwife> Well you're a dummy
<duckwife> Best porn is the freaky stuff
* duckwife has quit ([NS] Quit: Look at me shaking my jar jars)