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#69 (+|-) (Rated: 5)
--> Fylgia has joined #Nightstar_Bar
<-- Fylgia has left #Nightstar_Bar
<Poisyn> oi silly mirc
<Poisyn> warp
-*- Poisyn thwaps the game control
<gnolam> [mel. "O Holy Night"]
<gnolam> Oi silly mIRC, it's difficult to lurk
<gnolam> In channels when you are sending in clones
<gnolam> So, silly mIRC, it is thus with a smirk
<gnolam> I uninstall you despite your moans
<gnolam> I shall find myself another client
<gnolam> I'll click that "uninstall" button defiant
<gnolam> Oi, silly mIRC! O Khaled your creator!
<gnolam> Oi silly mIRC, it's time to be replaced
<gnolam> Oi silly mIRC, your final time has come!
-*- Poisyn laughs softly
-*- gnolam bows.