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<TeckTygr> a 7.62 NATO round can solve most problems...a 50cal can solve all
<VirusJTG> a 50 cal will solve 99.98%
<VirusJTG> a thermo nuke solves 100% of problems
<Gashach_i> i thought beer was the cause of and solution to all of lifes problems
<VirusJTG> no beer is the coping mechanisum of all of life's problems
<Splunge> does a thermo nuke solve the problem of massive devastation?
<Gashach_i> yup
<Gashach_i> it eliminates the people who worry aabout it
<Splunge> sort of a 'tree falling in the woods' solution?
<Gashach_i> what tree?
<Splunge> That tree. The one that's callen over
<Splunge> fallen*
<Gashach_i> looks like a toothpick now