Nightstar.Net Quotes

#80 (+|-) (Rated: 65)
<&Derakon> Oh, Reiv -- remember how my windows were filthy when we drove across the Golden Gate Bridge?
<&Derakon> It belatedly occurred to me that I could explain that's because my dog usually rides in the back seat~
<&Derakon> So, sorry about the bad view. That was dog snot.

#75 (+|-) (Rated: 6)
* Bob_work hides behind PID
* PID1|work eyes Bob_work what did you do back there?
< Bob_work> nothing...nothing...just had to rifle through your wallet so I could pay my taxes.
< PID1|work> What makes you think there's anything in my wallet I'm married with a kid
< Bob_work> Because you have 2 kids less than I do!
< PID1|work> That only means I have more hair left

#79 (+|-) (Rated: 22)
<&gnolam> Bah. The moon, Venus and Mars in an eldritch constellation and I got home too late to photograph it.
<&Half> Gnolam, are you saying The Stars Are Right?
-!- Vornicus [Vorn@ServerAdministrator.Nightstar.Net] has joined #fleet
-!- mode/#fleet [+ao Vornicus Vornicus] by ChanServ
<&Half> *falls over laughing!*
<&McMartin> Morning, Vorn. Vorning.
<&McMartin> Your arising is well-timed

#81 (+|-) (Rated: 41)
<&ToxicFrog> Ok, Descent Vignettes is a cool level pack of ultra-tiny Descent levels
<&ToxicFrog> But it's also really difficult when you have a toddler acting as your gunner and a cat navigating
<&Loweko> where might such a thing be acquired?
<&Myst> Well when a man and a woman love each other very much ...

#77 (+|-) (Rated: 24)
<abudhabi> How do I set up a Java servlet that uses HTTPS?
<TheWatcher> Assuming you already have tomcat cet up with the appropriate certificates, and it's listening on 443, add a security-constraint element to the web.xml under the WEB-INF
<TheWatcher> Sacrificing a black goat on an altar dedicated to Yog-Sothoth may help, too.

#78 (+|-) (Rated: 11)
<Syloq> do what I want, you stupid bot!
<Bawt> shut up you clit
<Tora-Chan> lol
<Half> ....
<Syloq> whoa
<Syloq> that
* Half is gonna get knocked flat for laughing.

#67 (+|-) (Rated: 3)
* Bob_work realizes he's on slide 40 and sighs
< TheWatcher> Any presentation over 10 slides has too many >.>
< TheWatcher> Note: I might be counting in binary!

#69 (+|-) (Rated: 6)
--> Fylgia has joined #Nightstar_Bar
<-- Fylgia has left #Nightstar_Bar
<Poisyn> oi silly mirc
<Poisyn> warp
-*- Poisyn thwaps the game control
<gnolam> [mel. "O Holy Night"]
<gnolam> Oi silly mIRC, it's difficult to lurk
<gnolam> In channels when you are sending in clones
<gnolam> So, silly mIRC, it is thus with a smirk
<gnolam> I uninstall you despite your moans
<gnolam> I shall find myself another client
<gnolam> I'll click that "uninstall" button defiant
<gnolam> Oi, silly mIRC! O Khaled your creator!
<gnolam> Oi silly mIRC, it's time to be replaced
<gnolam> Oi silly mIRC, your final time has come!
-*- Poisyn laughs softly
-*- gnolam bows.

#76 (+|-) (Rated: 12)
* TheWatcher finally remembers to set his .aspell.conf on this machine
<@TheWatcher> Damned lack of 'u's and nefarious use of 'z's....
<&McMartin> Nefarious Zed and the You Thieves is my new bluegrass punk band that remixes English folk tunes.